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    most authors refer to was conducted in the early 80s, when the average concentration of THC was.2 percent. Recreational users clear their systems faster. It appears preferable to encourage mothers who can't stop using marijuana to continue breastfeeding while making every effort to reduce her use and minimize the baby's exposure to marijuana smoke. With varying potency of product, effects can be unpredictable. If youre adamant on doing it no matter what, then the least we would ask you to do is to get your doctors OK before going ahead with this, both for your safety and that of your baby. I nursed my daughter for almost two years. Furthermore, I believe that most mothers care deeply for their baby and wouldnt make such a decision lightly. And mothers out there are wondering under which circumstances medical or recreational cannabis use is safe while breastfeeding. At the end of the day, doctors approach this on a case by case basis and permit occasional use of marijuana in breastfeeding mothers if it makes sense to from a medical standpoint. The Lack Of Substantial Research, before we begin talking about the potential reasons why mothers using marijuana during breastfeeding periods is bad, it should be clearly noted that there isnt much substantial research about the effects of marijuana on breastfed babies in the long term. How much THC makes it into breast milk? Baby Second Hand Smoke: Has the thought of your baby second hand smoking marijuana ever crossed your mind? Babys Brain Development: During this crucial phase when do growing pains stop of a babys life where their brain is developing, the last thing youll want to expose them to is something like marijuana (whether through second hand smoking or transfer through breast milk) which could harm their brain cells. But we do know that babies are much more vulnerable to chemicals and toxins than adults. The two mothers were heavy users and their milk showed THC levels of 105ng/ml and 340ng/ml. This is why when you give birth to your baby at the hospital, some doctors will not allow you to breastfeed them before you sign a paper where you acknowledge the potential risks associated with marijuana usage during breastfeeding. Knowing about how THCthe main active ingredient in cannabisis metabolized will increase your understanding of the topic. A baby being breastfed from a mother thats smoking marijuana throughout this phase can test positive for this drug in their urine for almost up to 3 weeks. When a nursing mother smokes weed, THC has been found to be stored in fat tissues for months on end, as well as areas and organs in the body that receive a good supply of blood, such as the heart and the breasts. For those in a hurry: at minimum check the infographic and use it as a cheat sheet. During pregnancy and the first three months of life, a babys developing organism is most vulnerable. A study conducted in 2005 found that there is a correlation between a breastfeeding mothers marijuana usage and a decrease in the nursing babys breastfeeding session duration and frequency. New England Journal of Medicine shows that CBD helps reduce the number of seizures in pediatric patients with the Dravet syndrome, one of the most dangerous treatment-resistant forms of epilepsy. As a matter of fact, marijuana thats not smoked but consumed in the form of edibles or oil may even contain higher amounts of THC than its smokable counterpart, which ends up hurting your baby even more. Yes, there are a bunch of benefits you could benefit from by putting marijuana to medicinal use (such as reducing anxiety or nausea). Yes, your baby will miss out on the many benefits of breastfeeding, but at this day and age theres a wide variety of high quality baby milk formulas you can choose from that will surely meet their nutritional needs. Those two data points are interesting, but dont answer the question how much THC makes it into breast milk because: We dont know how much marijuana was initially consumed. In Colorado the average potency of flower (i.e. THC blood levels drop soon after consumption because THC is rapidly taken up by fat tissue. Can marijuana affect a mother's ability to nurse her child?

    Updated on July 16, especially in fat, there are a lot of controversial topics that need to be discussed. With the marijuana legalization being benefits of smoking weed while breastfeeding on the rise in the. The most dangerous period is the first month of an infantapos 2018, which will make for an inefficient session as well. According to another study published in 1990. And marijuana is not less risky than other drugs such as antidepressants because it is" Lets break the topic down into two questions. The official guideline is that breastfeeding women should not use cannabis. If theres enough THC in their system they may be a bit sedated and may not be able to suck properly. Pumping and dumpin" how long does THC or marijuana stay in breast milk.

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    S exposure to candy bar car cannabis smoke and for a mother to reduce marijuana consumption. The particular circumstances under which those numbers were gathered should be synthetic opiate pain medication kept in mind though. Some doctors even go as far as to say that occasional or low regular use while breastfeeding will probably not be of relevance to the childs development. Marijuana has evolved, and has been scientifically proven to transfer to babies through a mothers breast milk. Transfer of THC Through Breast Milk. That a new crumb is added to the pile every time the baby feeds. The risk on their brain development with you using marijuana during breastfeeding is higher.

    Especially casual users can experience paranoia or impaired judgement.Some evidence shows that a father's use of marijuana may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (sids) in infants.Both theĀ American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (acog) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advise nursing mothers not to use marijuana during their breastfeeding phase for different reasons well be discussing in detail throughout this article.

    Which means that there was no difference between kids of occasional users and nonusers. The narrow lead wasnt statistically significant though. Side stream smoke poses a risk to anyone. Even though these scientific studies found that the dosages of THC passed on to a nursing baby from its mothers breast milk were not high enough to cause significant harm. S growth and weight gain over time.