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    actually has a pleasant taste, it can easily be mixed with some other type of juice to make it more palatable if necessary. Any condition found in children associated with this area comes under the umbrella of treatment possibilities. It eradicates the opaque and white spots on the cornea. Depression AND anxiety Gemmotherapy can help to peel away both chronic anxiety and depressive states which can often times make a much clearer picture for classical homeopathic prescriptions. All liver conditions will respond even more rapidly with the addition of silymarin (milk thistle two capsules two or three times per day. Kidney problems, mALE genital system, masculine sexual asthenia, migraines. The treatment protocol would be 50 drops of each three times per day. Then the third gem is either cornus sanguinea if it's before they have their first coronary incident, or zea mais (corn) if it's in a post infarct stage. Gemmotherapy offers us another concise set of tools to use to ease suffering and speed the healing process along for our patients. They would drink these three through the course of the day, refilling them with water and the appropriate gems the following evening or the next morning to repeat the same schedule. The dosage will vary between 25 drops in young pediatrics up to 100 drops for adults taken at bed time. The primary combination to use for this situation is tilia tomentosa 25 to 50 drops three times per day, ficus carica 25 to 50 drops three times per day, juniperus communis 25 to 50 drops three times per day (as a general drainage agent) and. Hypertension High blood pressure can be assisted with crataegus oxycantha (English hawthorn). The treatment protocol would be 50 drops each three times per day, in addition to saw palmetto. It conquers the severe pain and enhances the flow of bile in the gallbladder. This protocol is useful in Scheuermann's disease or for other areas regarding other metabolic disturbances. In addition to this use secale cereale which has it's direct effect on the cells of the liver. These will be described below in alphabetical order and the information presented will allow treatment beyond these listed disorders by applying the general principles elucidated below. It will not have the same affect as the beta blocking agents for high blood pressure, however it will provide a gentle, progressive moderation of extremely high or low blood pressure. Pinus montana (Mountain Pine) acts on the articular cartilage to maintain its durability. There are supplements available such as Super Mira-Forte * which can help to release the testosterone that is bound within the blood stream. Of course a significant portion of our materia medica is based upon the mental pictures offered by our remedies. The key note to treating osteoarthritis is ribes nigrum (black currant.) This gem neutralizes the inflammation that results from an affected joint. It is useful in treating Skin Ailments like painful Pimples and Ulcers. Depends on the state of the liver and the pancreas mother as well as the strength of their Vital Force. If the Vital Force is strong then either or both of these can be supplemented with juglans regia (European walnut) at 50 drops three times per day. Eyes, ears, nose AND throat Upper respiratory tract infections are typically present when school begins, following major holidays such as Thanksgiving Christmas and then in the spring with the change in the weather. This is used in conjunction with ribes nigrum to decrease inflammation and pain and should be combined with the cell salts calc-phos. The herb cleanses the liver and acts as a Detoxicant. Keywords : Hepatitis, Gallstones, Infections, Cough, Headache, Pimples, Ulcers, Pneumonia, Menstrual mother Problems, Dyspnea. This can be enhanced with intermittent treatment utilizing colchicum.

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    These conditions can severely impede family lives and the current medical model of prescribing recurrent rounds of antibiotics has been demonstrated to be bankrupt. If necessary, and presuming there is no significant organic pathology noted. In the fall hot or cold treatment for joint pain and in sacroiliac joint derangement pain relief the spring use the drainage remedies juniperus. It cures the issue of late menses and heavy bleeding. He also states that even if one is healthy.

    List of various diseases cured by Chelidonium Majus.How Chelidonium Majus is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format.

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    S version of betula pubescens, it combats the Menstrual Problems, side for the first month utilize betula pubescens birch since it has a general endocrine stimulating affect. This same protocol can be followed in children as a preventive measure where there is a weakness noted in the Vital Force in the upper respiratory ligaments system. Inflammatory arthritic conditions In dealing with more aggressive inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Skin acne, it is a good remedy for curing Hepatitis. Abies is used in conjunction with betula verrucosa which is the childrenapos.

    Methods of Administration, s antispasmodic effect and the anti inflammatory ribes nigrum. S joints, if the eczema has become infected by staph or strep add juglans regia. Towle, the Journal of the Global Homeopathic Alliance Publication Date. Gemmotherapy, inflammatory arthritic conditions 012002 Material appearing in The Prover is for informational purposes only and should not be considered.