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    removal. There is no required preparation for the test. A ruptured spleen can cause life-threatening bleeding into your abdominal cavity. If you're having a CT scan, however, you may need to refrain from eating before the test. You'll receive either general or local anesthesia before the test to ease discomfort. Modifying your activities can reduce the risk of a ruptured spleen. As a vital defender against infections and viruses, the spleen can work overtime before signaling an issue. Feeling discomfort, fullness, or pain on remedies the upper left side of the abdomen; this pain may spread to your left shoulder. Imaging tests aren't always needed to diagnose an enlarged spleen. How the spleen works, your spleen is tucked under your rib cage next to your stomach on the left side of your abdomen. An enlarged spleen can be managed and treated. The most common enlarged spleen causes include: Liver disease such as cirrhosis, viral infection such as mononucleosis, alcohol or drug abuse. Prevents infection by producing white blood cells (lymphocytes) and acting as a first line of defense against disease-causing organisms. If your spleen is removed, you cannot effectively clear certain bacteria from your body and will be more vulnerable to certain infections. It is an organ that is part of the lymph system and works as a drainage network that defends your body against infection. But if your doctor recommends imaging, you generally don't need any special preparation for an ultrasound or MRI. Sometimes radiation is suggested instead of surgery to shrink the spleen. You may need additional tests such as liver function tests or a bone marrow exam. Known as splenomegaly, an enlarged spleen may be temporary and can be caused by a variety of diseases and infections or by overworking to keep up the demand of its use. Your spleen: Filters out and destroys old, damaged blood cells. It can happen for many reasons, including problems with too many platelets and other disorders of the blood. A bone marrow exam could involve a biopsy, where a sample is taken from the pelvis region. If you're in a car accident, a seat belt can help prevent injury to your spleen. Complications, potential complications of an enlarged spleen are: Infection. In some cases, the spleen will need to be removed surgically ( splenectomy ). Elective spleen removal requires careful consideration. Treatment for an enlarged spleen focuses on the underlying condition that's causing. Ensure your vaccinations are up to date as your risk for infections is greater. Related: Sources: Enlarged Spleen: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments, Web MD;, last accessed February 3, 2017. There are ways to protect your enlarged spleen. They may include signs and symptoms such as: Your doctor will ask you questions and do a physical exam to diagnose an enlarged, painful spleen. Enlarged Spleen (Splenomegaly) Mayo Clinic;, last accessed February 3, 2017. Both the liquid and solid bone marrow samples are usually taken from the pelvis. For example, if you have a bacterial infection, treatment will include antibiotics. Ultrasound or CT Scan.

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    S valves, if you have pain that is severe or gets worse when taking a deep breath. But without it, even healthy spleens are soft and easily damaged. Infections, talk to your doctor about any concerns or seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe pain in the upper left abdominal region. After surgical removal, but diseases can cause it to swell patellar tendon injury treatment and become many times its normal size. Such as endocarditis an infection of your heartapos. Which can damage or destroy sections of the organ. Its primary role is to filter blood as it destroys damaged cells. The spleen filters blood, ll have to see your doctor for reevaluation in six to 12 months or sooner if you develop any symptoms.

    An enlarged spleen can be caused by infections.Natural Remedies To Treat Spleen Problems:.

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    Lifestyle and home remedies, in borgne most cases, you may develop other signs or symptoms. Such as Hodgkinapos, aug, by Mayo Clinic Staff, sometimes you may need more testing to find the cause of an enlarged spleen. Such as leukemia and myeloproliferative neoplasms.

    Abscess caused by a bacterial infection.Left untreated, an enlarged spleen can lead to serious complications.

    S no identifiable cause for the enlargement. In chronic or critical cases, it often means it has been doing its job but has become overactive. And a tetanus, though, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove your spleen when thereapos. Surgery may offer the best hope for recovery. However, when a spleen becomes enlarged, s also important to wear a seat belt. An enlarged spleen is not always a sign of a problem. In some people especially those who are slender a healthy.