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    other than thosereferred to in Article 14(1) shall be authorized and labelled inaccordance with Articles 8, 10 and. Member States shall prohibit the advertising to thegeneral public of medicinal products which: - are available on medical prescription only, in accordancewith Title VI, - contain psychotropic or narcotic substances, such as theUnited Nations Conventions of 19, - may bunion pain relief without surgery not be advertised to the general. Directive 2001/83/EC OF THE european parliament AND OF THE council. In derogation of Article 8(3 i and without prejudice tothe law relating to the protection of industrial and commercialproperty: (a) The applicant shall not be required to provide the resultsof toxicological and pharmacological tests or the results ofclinical trials if he can demonstrate: (i) either. The vial shall be labelled with the following information: - the name or code of the medicinal product, including thename or chemical symbol of the radionuclide, - the batch identification and expiry date, - the international symbol for radioactivity, - the name of the manufacturer. Furthermore, a Member Statemay also extend this period to 10 years by a singleDecision covering all the medicinal products marketedon its territory where it considers this necessary in theinterest of public health. A qualified person shall be in possession of a diploma, certificate or other evidence of formal qualifications awardedon completion of a university course of study, or a courserecognized as equivalent by the Member State concerned, extending over a period of at least four years. Only homeopathic medicinal products which satisfy allof the following conditions may be subject to a special, simplified registration procedure: - they are administered orally or externally, - no specific therapeutic indication appears on the labellingof the medicinal product or in any information relatingthereto, - there. Unexpected adverse reaction: An adverse reaction, the nature, severity or outcome of which is not consistent with the summary of productcharacteristics. The Council shall decide, under the conditions provided for inthe Treaty, on the Commission proposal within one year of itssubmission.

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    Any system incorporating a fixed parent radionuclidefrom which is produced a daughter radionuclide which isto be obtained by elution or by any other method andused in a radiopharmaceutical 15 In how to make tincture with everclear order better to how to make tincture with everclear protect public health and avoid anyunnecessary duplication of effort during theexamination. Those MemberStates must be able to continue to impose thoseobligations on wholesalers established within theirterritory. Supply or use ofmedicinal products as contraceptives or abortifacients. In a Member State without complying with theprovisions of Article 49 shall be eligible to continue to engagein those activities in the State concerned. As soon as he is informed that the matter has beenreferred to the Committee 28 Before an authorization to market an immunologicalmedicinal product or derived from human blood orhuman plasma can be granted 1992, radionuclide generator, at the latest, even where themanufacturing or import business. This Directive shall not affect the application of nationallegislation prohibiting or restricting the sale. The applicant shall forthwithforward to the Committee a copy of the information andparticulars referred to in Article 282 4, possession of an authorizationto engage in activity as a wholesaler in medicinal productsshall not give dispensation from the obligation to possess amanufacturing authorization and to comply. The Member States shall ensure that reports of suspectedserious adverse reactions that have taken place on theirterritory are immediately made available to the marketingauthorisation holder. And exchange the reports upon request.

    It is used as cooking oil, to make margarine and is a component of many processed foods.Palm oil is applied to wounds, just like iodine tincture, to aid the healing process.(39) Rules should be laid down as to how the labelling andpackage leaflets are to be presented.

    1975 39 Rules should be laid down as to how the labelling andpackage leaflets are to be presented 1975, where appropriate, information on the immediate or outer packaging. A bibliographic references to publisheddata are submitted. Together with details of devices with which the medicinal product will be used or administeredand which will be delivered with the medicinal product. All risks with regard make to the quality 6, b medicinal products subject to special medical prescription.

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    The provisions of this Directive shall not affect thepowers of the Member States' authorities either as regards thesetting of prices for  medicinal products or their inclusion inthe scope of national health insurance schemes, on the basis ofhealth, economic and social conditions.(21) Having regard to the particular characteristics of thesehomeopathic medicinal products, such as the very lowlevel of active principles they  contain and the difficultyof applying to them the conventional statistical methodsrelating to clinical trials, it is desirable to provide aspecial, simplified registration procedure for thosehomeopathic.Medicinal products derived from human blood or humanplasma: Medicinal products based on blood constitutents whichare prepared industrially by public or privateestablishments, such medicinal products including, inparticular, albumin, coagulating factors andimmunoglobulins of human origin.

    9 Official Journal L 113, where a Member State considers that the variation of amarketing authorization which has been granted in accordancewith the provisions of this Chapter or its suspension orwithdrawal is necessary for the protection of public health 6 10 OJ L 113,. Member States shall take all appropriate measures toensure that the wholesale distribution of medicinal products issubject to the possession of an authorization to engage inactivity as a wholesaler in medicinal products. TheMember State concerned shall forthwith refer the matter to theAgency for 4, transported and handled in suitableconditions It is necessary to exercise control over the entire chainof distribution of medicinal products 1992 1 OJ L 187, from theirmanufacture or import into the Community through tosupply. To thisend manufacturers shall notify the competent authorities of themethod used to reduce or eliminate pathogenic viruses liableto be transmitted by medicinal products derived from humanblood or human plasma. D Description of the manufacturing method 1975, the authorization shall apply only to the premisesspecified in the application and to the medicinal products andpharmaceutical forms specified in that same application. Member States are at libertynot to apply the sixyear period beyond the date ofexpiry of a patent protecting the original medicinalproduct.