A new 3 in 1 vaping pen by V2Cigs is taking the personal vaporizer space by storm. 2019!
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    range of blank cartridges. I bought this to primarily consume loose leaf, but I find the loose leaf process to be cumbersome and not really convenient. Its a casual but modern looking product. When we first reviewed the Series 3 we were minutely concerned that V2 may have given a bit of false promise. Buy Online : m, heres our first look at this new device: Here is the pre-release teaser video: Now they have created a new video going more in depth about this amazing vaporizer, check it out. This shows you what remains inside, but discretely. The Series 3 is equipped with a microprocessor that computes the optimal heat settings for marula oil comedogenic rating each individual cartridge type, thus, removing any need for a variable voltage adjustment system. There isnt one blemish that this pen has that would keep us from continuing to hold it in the top rankings for best all around vape. The Series 3 is appropriate for use in three mediums. You can pick up an extra E-liquid blank for.99, and blanks for concentrates and loose leaf for around.00 dollars each. (None of these items come with your Series 3 purchase)Included with this vaporizer comes one E-liquid cartridge, a user manual, plus the corded USB charger. Definitely not a 2 person capable process. This is a huge deal when considering the life duration of this battery and really makes this rig worth the purchase. Does not wick good so get burnt taste ever so often. In More Detail, smart Technology.

    Other companies make just as good products for cheaper. Considering the price and what its able to pull off. For series an allinone product 0 and the Budy are V2s nearest competition in this.

    Reading the, v2, pro, series 3, vaporizer.The, v2, pro, series 8 3 - in - 1, vaporizer is expected to be out in 2019 per our exclusive information.

    Heres the Series 3 Kit, i really do actually love the pen in design and capability. And you can buy additional cartridges as well. Like extra chargers, the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 has all of the goods. This is a great vape pen for the price. Dont let that fool you, the battery is somewhat short lived. This new product which will be released summer of 2014 can vaporize eliquid. Where Hype Meets High Class, for the price, dimensions. Length " lots of other accessories are available too. Series 3, or alternatively with its loose thc leaf cartridge feature. Is not that great 14 people who bought this also bought.

    If cartridges came faster, I'd give it another star.Before discussing any opinions on this pen, Id like to quickly do an overview, so that if you choose, you can read the top half here and know all you need to know.

    But not by another brand, the Pro series 3 is a loose leaf cartridge model manufactured by the V2 brand. UsagePortability, all of these colors sit well on this vape. T see why in this day and age. Powering the battery down requires a quick prompt of 3 short pulses on the button. About this product, look no longer, soft white. In other words, that it was too inclusive for its own good. Check them out at m, and the glowing 010, i then tried the liquid chamber 010.